From Fr. Larry....


We have recently started updating our records.

We have sent out new Confidential Registration Data Form to all our Registered Parishioners. If you did not receive one in the mail then please contact the Rectory Business office during normal business hours and request one. We are doing this for a few reasons:  

  • Every time we do a mailing, especially at Easter, Christmas and other parish wide mailings there are approximately 100 or more that are returned due to wrong address or moved away. This is an added expense to the parish.  
  • The diocese requests we do a general census every 5 years so that there is an accurate number for their report to Rome every three years and for the Catholic Directory. These statistics are for helping them in planning.  
  • Sacraments – Only registered parishioners may be admitted for sacramental preparation programs like First Communion, Confirmation, and Marriage. We also cannot give letters of recommendation or sponsor (Godparent) forms to those not in our parish boundaries.  

We thank all who have returned the forms in a timely manner and give everyone else who has not returned the form our assurance that you are still in our parish. Please return the form as soon as possible. Anyone who is not registered may come to the rectory or call for a form. 

Check back often to learn about new contributions to our site, upcoming activities in the area, and fun ways to get involved with this exciting topic! If you have any questions or comments, make sure to get in touch through the Stay in Touch section of the site.

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