note from the pastor

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Note from the Pastor

Dear Sisters and Brothers of the Risen Lord Jesus Christ,

Lent is a time for each of us to reflect on our relationship with God and others and an opportunity to turn back to God with all our heart. It is also time to grow in the love of our Lord Jesus Christ. Hopefully, this season has moved you to a deeper awareness of the need to be embraced by God's healing and forgiving love. As a people of faith, hope and love, we will soon celebrate the holiest days of the year, The Easter Triduum - Holy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter. On behalf of the pastoral staff, and, along with all who assist in ministering to you this Holy Week, I invite you to celebrate the key mystery of our faith - the death and resurrection of our Lord, Jesus Christ. Please invite a friend to join you.

April 14th, Holy Thursday a day to remember and celebrate the phenomenal gift we have in the Eucharist. We focus in on the mystery of Jesus Christ becoming the 'Body of Christ' which we eat, and, which by the power of the Holy Spirit, we hopefully become.

April 15th, Good Friday is a solemn day of prayer and penance. We are invited to immerse ourselves in the agony, passion, cross and death of Christ as a way to discover anew the immense love God has for us by coming to earth and accepting death on a cross.

April 16th and 17th, Easter begins at the Vigil Mass with the proclamation of the Exsultet, an ancient hymn of rejoicing in our salvation in, "Jesus Christ is Risen", and moves us to a renewal of our own baptismal calling as a holy people of God.

Please join us in prayer during these sacred days as we rejoice with each other, as we discover once again, the power and the hope which the Resurrection offers all believers. By an order from the Diocese this year only one Mass is allowed on Holy Thursday and the Easter Vigil - thus these liturgies will be bilingual.

Enclosed is a schedule of our Holy Week services. There is a special day of reconciliation in all the churches of Brooklyn, Queens, and Long Island - Monday, April 11th. Enclosed is an envelope for your Easter offering to the parish in case you have not received one in your envelope mailing. We also included an envelope should you wish to donate towards the flowers which will adorn the altar area and church during the Easter celebrations. These envelopes are to be placed on the altar and the names will be remembered at Mass during the Easter Octave.

May you experience a most blessed Holy Week and a joyous Easter.

In the Peace of our Risen Lord,

F r. Larry Duncklee, Bishop Emil Wcela, Deacon Dan Waloski, Deacon Peter Shullz, Deacon Bill Austin, Sr. Margaret Smyth, O.P., Dlug and the parish Staff.

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

"Jesus is Risen!" Alleluia, alleluia! These words come from one of the Easter Songs, proclaiming a central mystery of our faith with great joy. This mystery is at the very core of our faith life. What we truly believe in as Christians: the Passion & Death o four Lord Jesus Christ and His glorious Resurrection will be celebrated and lived out in our prayer, song and actions during Holy Week. We also sign alleluia for what may be the end of the Covid Pandemic. We also keep in our prayers the people of the Ukraine and pray for peace and restoration.

Your active participation in person at the Holy Week services will deepen your appreciation of our faith and will strengthen your relationship with a God who loves us and forgives us.

The Holy Week Schedule is on the bottom of this page for your convenience. I invite you to join with us for these most beautiful and solemn celebrations of our faith. We have also provided many opportunities for the celebration of the sacrament of Reconciliation (Confessions) so that you might be well prepared to receive the Easter Eucharist.

May the Risen Christ restore you to wholeness with his healing peace and love.

Sincerely in Christ,

The Staff of St. John the Evangelist Parish

Holy Week 2022

Palm Sunday, April 9th & 10th

Saturday: No Confessions

4:30PM Solemn Procession and Mass

Palm Sunday Masses are at: 7:00 AM, 9:00 AM and 11:00 AM

6:00 PM Mass in Spanish

Monday - April 11th

8:00AM Mass; Confessions right after Mass

And 2:00-4:00 PM & 7:00-8:30 PM

Tuesday - April 12th (Chrism Mass at Cathedral) 

12:10 PM Mass; 12:30PM Confessions

Wednesday - April 13th

8:00 AM Mass

Holy Thursday - April 14th

7:30 PM - Mass of the Lord's Supper (Bilingual) 

Good Friday - April 15th

3:00 PM - Solemn Good Friday Liturgy & Veneration of the Cross

7:30 PM Service of the Cross in Spanish

Holy Saturday - April 16th


7:30 PM Easter Vigil Mass (Bilingual) 

Easter Sunday - April 17th

Masses at 7:00 AM, 9:00 AM, 11:00 AM

6:00 PM - Mass in Spanish


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We joyfully welcome all who have joined our community for worship and praise to God.  We are grateful to our faithful parishioners who pray with us every week and ask you to consider officially registering to be a part of the parish as well.  You, our neighbors and guests are always welcome; and, we hope you find a peaceful home here with us when visiting the area.

Rev. Lawrence Duncklee Pastor